Track Bernie

On the Campaign Trail or on the Appalachian Trail!!

I plan to have a satellite tracker with me anytime that I am campaigning or hiking (I love hiking). This satellite device will locate me and show my location with previous tracking points.

Tracking Directions: (Red Line is Appalachian Trail)

  • Click on link below
  • Zoom in to Pennsylvania (up and down arrows)
  • The blue triangle is the last recorded location
  • Toggle the plus sign beside blue triangle to show previous tracking
  • Click a blue dot, in previous tracking, to see time at that location in 10 minute intervals
  • Desktop may work better than smart phone (if you have viewing issues on smart phone, click the "i" on the map screen and use the "desktop version" - zooming in on the left side bar on the map screen also helps with viewing details)
  • Drive by and beep the horn at me!


Click below to track Bernie!!


Track Bernie