• National Security

    A strong military with “peace through strength” should be our nation’s approach and first priority. One of the biggest threats to the United States is cyber‐attacks which target our infrastructure. I feel that continued poor fiscal management by our leaders in Washington is one of the biggest long term threats to our security.

  • Economy

    The economy will be one of my top areas of focus because I believe a strong economy lessens the impact of most other problems facing America. Excessive regulation and convoluted financing requirements slow the engine of our economy. I believe that investing in small business in this country is the answer. Small businesses create most of our jobs. Small business is where creativity and ingenuity come to life. If a company is “too big to fail” it is too big to exist.

  • Smaller Government
    As a general rule, less government is better. This is what our founding fathers believed when they wanted local leaders to represent their districts in the House of Representatives. Although career politicians, or those in politics for life, believe in the opposite, I believe government should be as local as possible.
  • Strong Borders
    To me this is a serious issue. We are a country founded on law and order. We can’t allow people to enter our country illegally. I support initiatives that let our great border control men and women do their jobs, including “building the wall”.
  • 2nd Amendment
    The 2nd Amendment protects our right as an individual to keep and bear arms. It has been part of the foundation of America since our beginning. If we give up this protection, our other protections will soon fall including the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. The 2nd Amendment protects more than just hunting and self‐defense.
  • Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is in need of repair. Good roads and waterways assist our economy and should be a priority. Infrastructure improvement projects will create jobs. We need to come up with creative ways to pay for these projects.