It's Official

All the signatures are in and we have a candidate number!

I submitted the petitions Tuesday in Harrisburg. March 20 was the last day to file. We finished with over 1,500 signatures. Thanks to everyone for a great effort.

Now the fun begins. This election is not about Bernie Washabaugh II. It is about the people of this country and the people of our congressional district. I cannot do this by myself. I will need help from you. The minimum we need to do is vote. President Trump has motivated me to get involved and to use my business experience to help “MAGA”. I have a Real Estate & Hotel Development Company and I love what I do. I am a job creator. My business is structured to start and finish one project at a time. With some planning, I can take some time in between my projects to go to DC. We need people with real world experience to take on the issues of our country, not career politicians.

Since the petition phase is over, I am now working hard to bring you more information about me and my position on our nations issues.


ps: I like the snow, it is good luck for me.