Get Out and Vote

We hear that our three branches of government, the Executive Branch (President), the Judicial Branch (U.S court system) and the Legislative Branch (Senate and House of Representatives) are coequal in power. Some people say that the founders of our system intended that the Legislative Branch to be the most powerful. It is the most representative of the American People and the states. There are 2 Senators from each state. There are 435 House of Representative members, each that represent small districts of our country by population. The population in each district is about 700,000. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has 18 congressional districts. This is determined by Census information that is done every 10 years. The last census was done in 2010. The district that I am a candidate for is PA District 13. I feel that deciding on your Representatives in Congress is probably the most important vote that you can make. They are our voice in the federal government. Elections affect, our economy, our job, our security, our healthcare, our education, our taxes and our quality of life.

ELECTION DAY IS MAY 15, 2018. Get out and vote!!