We Gave a Good Effort - Thank You!

I want to thank everyone that helped, those that gave support and those that went out to vote. I did this to try to do my part to contribute to our system and to try to make things better.

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Meet Candidate Bernie Washabaugh II

Goto this link and find my video in “Race for 13th Congressional District:

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One the Move - Adams County, Scott Perry

I was in Gettysburg this morning for a breakfast “meet and greet”. It was fun to speak to the people of Adams County and get to know them.

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Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Winber, Johnstown

I was at it 12 hours yesterday to see the Altoona/Johnstown area. We have some pretty nice towns in our district.

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On the Move - Letterkenny Army Depot

I spent the afternoon at Letterkenny today. I had lunch at the pizza place there and toured businesses with my friend Doug Harmon from Franklin County Visitors Bureau.

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